HOW do I “evolve” equipment?

I have pink and green gems that are supposed to be used to “evolve equipment”, but I have never seen an option to do that - HOW do I do that? Thanks!!

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Unlike heroes, you won’t see the evolve option for equipment until the equipment is upgraded to its maximum level. It will be shown on the same screen you use to upgrade it.

I recommend that you generally only evolve equipment that’s already 6-stars. It’s expensive to do and you’ll be glad you didn’t spend those resources evolving inferior equipment.

For what it’s worth, I just evolved my first piece of 6-star equipment today. It was a weapon. It will be a long time before I have the resources to evolve another.


Thank you!

What is the maximum for my 6-star equipment before I can evolve it?

The highest ones I have right now are at 115

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5-star max: 180
6-star max: 240
7-star max: 280 (can’t evolve, at least not yet)

I think you should need 2700 of one type of gem and 1200 of the other type of gem to evolve 6-star equipment. Which gem you need more of depends on the equipment to be evolved.

My Philosopher’s Staff wanted more blessing gems.
My Philosopher’s Robe wants more power gems.