How can I plan the super plants?


I send out colourful characters out on quests and they come back with seeds to grow super plants. So far so good and all is dandy. But I don’t know how to grow them. I would love to because it seems like they give more energy, generate amethyst etc. When I click on the seeds I only get a pop-up with information about them. Are there specific criteria that needs to be fulfilled to be able to grow these super plants?

Thank you!

You have to wait until all of the cards are there. On the bottom of the card it will say something like 3/250. Until you have 250 you can’t use that plant.

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Ok. Didn’t catch that. Thank you!

Does anyone know why certain superplants never appear. I have a few collections of superplants with 2 yellow superplants missing.

Some are quite elusive! I’ve found “buying” them via treasure chests gets you started. the quests help to grow them as does “buying” more backpacks in the treasure chests

Thank you @Doreen!

Some super plants pieces are indeed hidden in the super plant chests. There are many ways to earn rubies: watching ads, planting ruby super plants, completing burnt wood orders and social orders as well as daily tasks.

We are also reviewing the super plants system. You should be able to plant super plants much easier in the next update.

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Looking foward to some new worlds please…pretty please !!

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I’ve tried to buy them in the quest, but they never appear!

Try via the plant store backpacks :wink:

And the treasure chests

Still doesn’t work :cry:

Eventually it will …this is most definitely a game of patience :wink: keep “buying” in the plant store …check what is possibly going to be in the packs

I have a few questions about superplants:

What would happen if I recycled a superplant that is in storage???

Would it be gone forever???

Would I have to re-do quests from that world to get it back???

Please let me know, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi memimus,

Once a super plant is activated, you can always plant it from super plant nursery again after it’s recycled. :slight_smile: