How can i hear notifications from the app?

Hi, im using the app on my iPhone 11 with iOS 14.7.1 and i cant make the notifications ring when the pomodoro timer is over. I turned on the sound notifications from the settings of the Phone and the ones from the app, and i can hear other app’s notifications while and after the pomodoro timer but not the ones from this app. What can i do?

Did you choose the ringtone and turn up the ring volume? You need to check on the improved focus settings. Improve focus setting can be found on settings in the focus plants app. You need to check the notification settings if the focus plant app was blocked.

If you turn off your phone the notification won’t ring sometimes. If you just turn over your phone your screen will turn off because of the app, but the alarm will still ring.

Not sure if it has always been like that, that’s what works for me. :slight_smile: