How can I get new avatars?

I can’t find new avatars in the store in more than 2 weeks

You can get new avatars by finishing the desert mission, discover the new plants, subscribe to the Forest Passport and participate in the Focus Quest. The desert mission need to plant a tree. When the desert mission is almost reach 100%, you plant the tree and redirect to the History page to claim those rewards because no more tree can put in the first mission and you will be start the second mission. The first mission turned into bonus group level point. The history joined in your group can see your log and claim the History reward on the same group in other people place to claim other people rewards. The farm must focus for 20 min > and required how much water to take care the farm. When you press the connect button and the focus plant exiting from offline mode, the focus rewards collected in the offline mode will also count but you can’t sync from the focus plant in the offline mode to another app like focus quest. If the focus plant in the online, you can sync from one app to another app like focus quest. You get the group point, sunshine and plant. You can also purchase in the sunshine shop and refresh the sunshine shop using videos but the timer does not change. If you see a Avatar in the sunshine shop, it will cost you 100 sunshine… The Land BGM and the White noise will cost you 128 sunshine in the sunshine shop. Those collectable item will be available in 1. Some of the Avatars, Land BGM and White noise might need to use cash to purchase in the Shop > Resource. If you discovered all the plant book in the one Candy Land or other, you will get the new avatars by collecting the surprise gift. So,10 avatars in the plant handbook and 1 avatar in the desert mission. When the game start up, you already have 1 avatar, 1 White noise and 1 Land BGM is default. 11 Avatars, 3 White noise and 3 Land BGM is needed to purchase. 2 avatars is needed to join the app beta tester program and take participate in the Focus Quest. 6 avatars, 2 Land BGM and 2 White noise to purchase in the Sunshine shop. For more information, when you go to Handbook > Collectable > Avatar to find more information to how to get those avatars. So totally, you saw 30 avatars, 6 Land BGM and 6 White noise. In the chest, It totally have 12 avatars, 3 White noise and 3 Land BGM was free. So, the game start up and you just have left11 avatars, 2 White noise and 2 Land BGM to collect the treasure chest for free Avatars, Land BGM and White noise.,

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