Honor Market not Refreshing

So I’m prettysure the honor market never resets. It says it resetts at midnight but I’ve waited a week for a 6 star chest to appear and nothing. Every time i want to get a 6 star chest i have to refresh with crystals (sometimes more than once!)
To make things even more frustrating i accidentally purchased a five star chest just now (i was half asleep) when it asked me to confirm i thought i was confirming crystals to refresh! It took me so long to get those honor points. Who the heck would intentionally purchase a 5 star chest? Why do they even exist? It’s bad enough the regular market is full of useless gear.
Anyone else not see the honor market refreshing? Anyone else think the market system in general should be revamped with higher level grear?

You are not the first to bring this up lately. I can confirm that it is refreshing.

The 6-star chest is a lot more rare, but I have seen it appear without spending crystals. It doesn’t seem nearly as rare when spending crystals though, and that’s something I have had to do quite a few times.

Someone who doesn’t realize there’s a 6-star chest or that the 5-star chest is almost as expensive. :scream:

I feel your pain. I was sleepy and accidentally sold a 6-star weapon once. :scream: Fortunately, it wasn’t a weapon I can currently use (none of the picks were any good to me when I opened that particular 6-star chest).

Thanks for checking Rhandar and I believe it works for you, but I’m still not sure mine refreshes. I say this looking at the first market choices. 4-5 days ago I refreshed for crystals because I had honor to buy 6-star chest. Since then it’s been stuck on: Blessing gem, Ancient rune, Knowledge stone. Could still be unlucky, but starting to look suspicious.

That sounds very suspicious! :flushed:


For what it is worth, the midnight free refresh gave me a 6-star chest today. If I had to guess, seems like it’s less than a 10% chance though. Getting it twice in the same 10 day season would seem to be grounds for celebration. :tada:

Few more midnights, new arena season, my store selection still didn’t change: blessing, ancient, knowledge, 5 star.

Refreshed at last, offer starts with Will stone today. Don’t need them, but happy it works :slight_smile: