Hidden Glyphs - please help!

Hi, my glyphs seem to be hiding! When I look in the bag, I get this (no legendary, easy to spot)

However when I hit merge, these appear:

I seem to have 20 glyphs in my bag, but 38 available to merge. It looks like most above level 1 are hiding.
Worst bit - I can’t use these hidden glyphs as they don’t appear on the heroes replacement options, even when double checking they’re the right type etc :frowning:
My game id is b94jgp if you want to see for yourself?
Just realised that if they all suddenly reappear, then my bag is now too small, so which ones will go?? Obvs my preference is to keep the exp and higher level ones! :joy:

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The ones that appear are the ones you currently have equipped to your heroes

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Just checked. Some of them are, but this one is on the character and not on the list, so missing in the other direction? Is that because it’s max?

Yes, once a glyph is maxed, it can’t absorb other glyphs

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