Hi, will you please delete duplicate steps data for today?

Hey Mars, it is me again. Will you please deletenduplicate steps data and progress for today?

Or yesterday. I logged out of my account. Let my friend play the game. She tried to save it, but it saved under my account. When I log back into mine, all the topaz and my whole entire stats have been reset and I am forced to sync my steps again. I’ve done this before. Hopefully, with upcoming update, you guys could fix this? hint hint lol When everything finally resets, I end up getting negative points. I’m scared to log out or uninstall again in case my step count ends up being inaccurate again. I noticed last time when this happened, You deleted data from a day when I had an abnormal amount of steps. After this, my step count continued to be inaccurate, but eventually normalized.

Hi Agp,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with Wokamon. I’m afraid I will not be able to delete those duplicate steps because we do not store your history (step) details on the server except the total.

However maybe we can fix other things for you. Can I please confirm the following with you?

  1. Has your Topaz count reset to 0?
  2. Is your weekly steps negative or all time steps or both?