Heroes Replacement

I like that we can sell unused gear, but what about heroes? Is it possible to replace/sell the hero to get a better one? (I have 12 heroes already)

We get a few of heroes as a reward for completing some stages, but by the time we get the last one star hero, he is useless & just take the space. I still have him at one-two stars & I currently keep levelling him only for a daily task.

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@marspark I am wondering if anything is in the works to include the ability to sell heroes. If not, what about allowing just a limited amount of times like 3.:nerd_face:
As I progress through my learning curve of the game, I am beginning to think more about strategies, including the heros. But I just realised I can buy, but can’t sell or exchange them… or atleast I have not come across the option.:prince::woman_mage::man_superhero::princess::elf:‍♂:fairy:‍♀:mermaid:‍♀:genie:‍♂

One of the daily tasks is to add heroes to your group but I think this can work against us as newbies. If I just seek to meet that goal, I may Just think about the goal rather than what heroes I want. I know I did this for one of my purchases of a hero. :woman_facepalming:
It would help to have an option so we can fix our rookie mistakes as we develop a better understanding of the game.

Top 4 Uses for Extra Heroes

  1. Use them as mules for extra gear, especially gear you don’t want to accidentally sell.

  2. Once your primary team reaches maximum level, you may want to level your extra heroes 3x per day as part of the daily quest.

  3. In theory, Dark Rush can use 3 groups of heroes to advance. When the first group dies, the 2nd group takes over, and then the 3rd group. In practice, weak 2nd and 3rd groups tend to get instantly slaughtered by what killed your stronger primary group. But long-term, should be useful.

  4. If you’ve got too many Facebook friends who you no longer want to be your friends, but you don’t want to unfriend them because it seems rude, then you can take screenshots of your extra heroes and post them as simple replies every single time an unwanted friend posts a selfie or a picture of the meal they are about to eat. Eventually, you should have fewer friends.

Okay, the last one is just me being silly. Or am I? Mwuhahaha! :wink::crazy_face: