[Hero upgrade] Cannot upgrade a Hero when have same amount of energy

Enviroment: Samsung A5 (2017), Android 8.0
Game ID: z8yq5
Situation:Trying evolve hero to LVL 59 when having exatly necessary amount of energy.
Reproducible: Yes

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get necessary amount of Energy that needed to upgrade Hero (equal amount that necessary to upgrade)
  2. Go to Hero section
  3. Find hero

Expected redult:
Upgrade button is available

Actual result:
Upgrade button is disabled

From personal experience, It’s probably a small rounding up of the value you have vs what is needed …just wait for a little more and it will upgrade


I concur, probably a rounding error like 1,799 energy but displayed as 1.8k. Go for a walk and come back later. I think this has happened to me once as well too.