Help, new phone

Just got a new phone. How do I move my game account to it?

Hi, you can connect to Facebook from your old phone, then connect again on your new phone. You should see a data conflict window.

I don’t use facebook… I hoped it would work the same with Google play, so I connected that but it did not move my progress. Can you assist me please?

My main account (which I want to keep) is on Pump Garden and has ID: kkxe7b

And the ID I received on the new phone is: 648bw8

Hi, thank you for your information. I’ve transferred your account binding information. Can you please login to the game from your new phone and let me know if the data conflict window pops up this time?

Nope, was no prompted about any conflict.

I’m only getting into this new account at lvl 3, just past the tutorial. No popup.

Hi, can you please click the connect button in settings -> google play and see if it brings the conflict window?

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Already shown as connected. Had to click Open, Sign out and then reconnect, that did it, I was asked which progress to use, cloud or local. Solved, thank you!


I need anew phone to. This one has a mind of its own

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