Help! My game restarted

Hi there,

My game restarted after reaching the 4th world. I had bought the amethyst generator and the magnet guy :frowning:

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Mine too. I played about 20 minutes ago with no problem, but now when I open the game its a brand new game.

If it helps, my phone is an LG K10 on 6.0.1.

UPDATE: Tried to reconnect new game to my Facebook account, hoping it would reload my old save data. It did not work. Does this mean all my old data is now lost for good? My 50+ friends are also all gone. :weary:

I’m new too please add me.

@Ladymunchlax @Nick

Sorry to know you are having troubles with the game. Did you remove the game from background before the incident?

Hey @marspark
here’s the same problem since saturday. After reaching the 4th world too. I think I closed all my apps (as well as PocketPlants, but not for the first time) and deleted some other games. Then started PocketPlants again just to see the surprise. It’s all gone! D:

Hoping for help!

I don’t remember if I had closed the application from running in the background when this happened. I do know I had done that in the past with no issues.

My game has also just restarted and I connected with google and Facebook but it hasn’t saved my progress. I was also on the fourth world.

Me too… what’s wrong this happens?? I don’t any fault TT comeback my littleguys…

@Nicole_Van_Der_Merwe @Dona
Do you still have your previous game ID so that we can have a look? Thanks!