Help me! My Shikudo account is synchronised with someone else's data.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. I don’t speak English so I will use a translator to write, I hope my problem is readable.

I’m calling because I log into my Shikudo account and it sends me to someone else’s ID, giving me their progress and taking out my personal progress which is linked to google play and facebook accounts.

My user ID is: e4pgdv. It is linked to my email on Google Play and Facebook, but when I log into my Shikudo account with my email it switches me to the account with the ID: pdw4zg, which is clearly not my account.

My email is:, I have my shikudo account created with that email but I don’t understand why I have someone else’s progress, I would like if you can please create the link with the data I have in google play or if not, delete my account so that it creates me a new one and syncs with my existing data.

Just in case I would like to clarify. My data are in google play, my name is MARCOS and not AILEN as it appears in the Shikudo account when I add it. I clarify it to avoid that they leave me Ailen’s data and not mine.

Can you please try to check other accounts to see if there is from this message? The accounts disconnected immediately if you logged in to someone accounts. Please use 3rd-party accounts to recover your progress.

Hi Marcos, thank you for reaching out. One of the ways to protect your account is to reset your password which sends the reset request to the email you own.

In order to do that, try to

  1. disconnect shikudo account from Focus Plant
  2. clear your browser’s cache
  3. connect shikudo account, instead of login, click ‘forget password’
  4. follow the prompt message to reset your password

Please let me know how it goes!

I remember the address is