Help lost progress

I have a new phone. Dont remember old id, cant acess it through google play, although thats what i used for that account. It showed me a progress to choose when i signed in on new phone, i chose my old account, but it didnt connect me and started me at the tutorial. Please help.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Do you still remember your nickname, or master code? Also, may I please grab your current game id?

Replying from new account, other account got suspended or something? My nickname for the game was: Shybear. Current id: ng2p83. Would greatly aprecciate if this is fixed… Its midnight here, so i wont be on anymore.

I couldn’t find any account under the nickname Shybear. Do you still remember how it is spelled? It is case-sensitive.

If you can also let me know the device model, and your user level (roughly), then there’s a chance I could locate your data.

Please let me know!

Its spelled Shybear. I dont remember the user level. However, i remember that the profile picture had red hair. The device model i had for that account was an LG stylo 3. The last I logged into it was 2019 around August.

Hi, we’ve found your data from an old backup. However, partial of it is corrupted and that’s why it rolled back to the tutorial stage after you pulled it from the server.

The only thing we can do is to send you some gems to help you fast track your progress and it shouldn’t take too long since your old progress was level 19. Please let me know if it works for you!


Okay, uhm… How do i get back to it? Like… How am i to get my old account back? Or since its corrupted, i cant? Also i dunno what you mean by ‘fast track’.

Hi @idk, I’ve sent the missing resources to your in-game mail (your current account). They should be enough to help you progress much faster and reach your old level. I’ve also sent you some additional crystals for the trouble you’ve gone through. Please let me know if you are having issues receiving them.


I believe I have received them, they were titled ‘System reward’ bumped me up to level 28. And 5,095 crystals as well as gave me 5,795 steps that I have yet to use.

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