Help get game progress back please!

One last time I hope someone can help me to get my 100 level progress back or at least give me some answer.
Please help me to copy my game progress from old ID to new one after reinstalling.
My new ID is "v32msDUT!"
My old ID was "MCQ7yJP~!"
Thank you in advance!

@Liigucs this is done. Please connect to retrieve your old progress.

I went to the game with high hopes, but it’s still lvl 1 :pensive:

@Liigucs this is weird. Can you please try again? I just refreshed your data.

No, still nothing.
I have one older ID. It is more than a month old, but maybe you can update it at least to that stage, if it still exists? ID was MC3$Zrbei

Hi Liigucs,

Is your current ID “v32msDUT!”?
I’ve transferred the progress again from “MCQ7yJP~!” to “v32msDUT!”. Would you like to check if the progress is back now?

Thanks! I got my game back!
Maybe I messed up which was the right old ID, or maybe the issue was due to that I had ID transfered once before.
Anyway, thanks for your support!