Help! Cannot connect to Apprentices!

I can no longer check in on my apprentices, of which I have 5 connected to my account.

Every time I have tried to connect to my Apprentices over (at least) the past six months, my connection has stalled out until the following pop-up message appeared:
Connection error, please click
OK to reconnect.

Initially, I thought this might be due to a connection problem on my end. However, now that I am running on a new, much higher-speed line, and I am still encountering the problem, I think this may be a bug/server error.

Would you please check into this master-apprentice connection?

Thank you,
Fiontàn aka Chris

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Can I please grab your game id, and the master you want to connect? You can send them to for a faster response.


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My Game ID x8je5x

As of October 31st, I still cannot “Check In” with my Apprentices (5 in total).

Additionally, I have recently noticed equipment from the Lucky Draw > Stele of Destiny not dropping into my inventory.

That said, they do show up, “checked in”, as acquired in my Book > Equipment > Inventory, which is how I have been able to start tracking the glitches… and to verify that I’ve not lost my mind.

The three (3) recently acquired items from the Stele of Destiny that I have evidence of not appearing in my inventory are as follows:

  1. Warlock > Madness Band (see pg below); and,

  1. Knight > Belief Band; and,
  2. Knight > Sincerity Amulet (see pg below)

Again, I thank you for your assistance,
Chris aka Fiontan [aka LegoMore]

Hi @Chris_Sinnott,

Thank you for the update. When you say ‘check in’, do you mean you want to check your apprentices’ details (click the information button)?

I’ll pass the book collection issue to our tester and confirm.

Thank you again for your help.

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Yes, the problem arises when I want to check my apprentices’ details (i.e. click the information button).

Thank you for your continued assistance,
Fionntàn aka LegoMore

Hi Mars,

Since your last message, I have now received mail confirming that two of my apprentices have achieved higher ranks.

That said, I still have yet to have a successful “check” when trying to assess my apprentices via the means you specified above.

Perhaps I need to find a faster network?
(hmm, I’m already on a verified 1TB line, so… that may prove difficult, but maybe the up/down speeds were off when I was making the checks?)

That’s all the new news… I’m hoping you will find it more useful than I.

Cheers, Chris

Hi @Chris_Sinnott,

This is not related to your internet speed, we have a potential fix but haven’t had time to implement that since it’s a low priority. I’ll update this post once we roll out the fix.

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Hi Mars,
Thank you for the update.

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Hey Mars,
Just checking in: any news regarding the rollout on a fix for checking on the status of one’s Apprentices?
When trying to do so now, the game simply stalls out, requiring a forced quit and restart.

Hi Chris,

Can you please try again? I’ve patched the server.