Have you ever seen a 6 star twinky?

This guy must have spend a lot of money or has been cheating.
It is taking the fun out of the game for me.

I’ve got a six star twinkie. I bought all the pet packages, fight 25 fights a day (winning ~98%), I win roughly 90% of the tournaments and take second in the rest. And I spend pretty much all of my honor points on pets.
I’ve got a seven star sage too, but I got lucky there.

I would say roughly half of the S league has a six star Twinkie and the rest have five star. There is at least one seven star, maybe two, in that league.

It’s interesting to hear your strategie. So you have spend a fair amount of money to get there. This person is in B league. I can imagine S league is different yes.

Hi @Willowmaster, thank you for reporting this. We’ve checked this player and he’s legit :slight_smile:

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Thank you for checking. Seems like I need to revise my strategy. :smile: