Have I found a step exploit?

The story of how I did it was accidental. Let me just describe it as the steps you did yesterday carries on to the next day. For example, if you did 18k steps yesterday you would start off 18k the next day. How does this benefit the player you ask? It allows you to instantly get the step chests without actually walking. The downside is that the boost for energy conversion will not be active (first 10k steps). I won’t be telling how I did it here though, since I am reporting an exploit.

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That sounds like a huge downside for those of us who walk a great deal, rely on the boost for energy conversion, had to soak our feet last night, and might be nursing a blister from all the walking. :scream:

Not saying that I felt like soaking my feet and am nursing a blister, of course. (Yes, I am. But it is so worth it. Lost several pounds since the new server appeared. :crazy_face:)

I suspect that the crystal cost for the 60% bonus for those 18k steps was higher too.

I usually walk 10k steps, then pay the crystals for the 60% bonus. For any additional steps, I watch the ads for the 20% bonus though, since the crystal cost per energy gained seems much higher for those extra steps.

In other words, I don’t think the boost for energy conversion is factored into the crystal cost for the 60% boost, most likely intentionally. I think players would complain if it was, since the crystal cost would become enormous.

There are far worse exploits than that. That one is not really that significant of one anyways, since the worst it can do is give someone an extra set of chests.
There are exploits out there that can give someone hundreds of thousands of extra steps at full conversion. (Same exploits are routinely used in “step contest” apps that a lot of workplaces use.) .
There is no way around them. That’s why we have a 30k steps per day cap and a 10k steps per day cap on conversion bonuses.

@Ianfinity thank you for reporting the issue, please send me a message and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. @Mari exploit like that will likely fall into the detection and it does take more time to detect if it matches a certain pattern. Once we are confident with the pattern, the account will get banned.