Harmful pet mutations?

Granted, most mutations aren’t beneficial in real life, but I suspect they shouldn’t be helping the enemy this much? Is this supposed to read “Target’s skill attacks deliver 16% LESS damage”?

I am not sure if this is a bug, a typo, or working as intended.


I don’t think harmful mutations are by design. I’ll check with our designer if it’s a typo or a bug. Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks, Marspark. Welcome back!

I just wanted to know if the designer answered how Bonsai’s mutation skills work. (if they benefit the enemy team or not) I just got Bonsai to 2 stars & remembered this thread.

Hi guys, I’ve checked with our designer that the copy is incorrect, it should read “Targets’ is taking 16% more skill damage” and it is currently function this way.

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Nice! Thanks for the update. I will have to see if I can get that mutation back.

Also please note that pet is only effective in stage and dark rush (PVE) mode, not PVP mode :slight_smile:

Oh. I had not realized before, but it is clearly marked. The support skill probably doesn’t work in pvp either, then?

Nope, the supporting skill is effecting the same targets so it’s not.