Happy 🎃 Halloween

Loving the update :blush:thanks Mars and team !

Thanks Doreen for your support! :smiley:

hey guys at pocketplants.
I just updated the game a few minutes ago and did you really remove the halloween event that still had 5 days left? I was saving up a lot of completed orders to try and get the new techsaur skin. This is frustrating…

I’m experiencing the same problem. I created this as a new topic and bug.

Yeah – that’ a shame too. I’ve filled out a lot of orders and collected a lot of steps today. I was at the point where it’d take like 8000 steps to get a new go at it, but oh well.

I did get the techsaur at least.

I’m confused about this event. I started it a day before Halloween and today’s the last day of the event for me. I got 97% chance at getting the new skin but still no luck getting it… was it only available before Halloween? Is it not possible to get it anymore? Why does it allow me to draw then and says I have bigger chance all the time?