Guild Upgrade Costs

For those curious, the following table shows the cost to upgrade a guild to the next level.

Special thanks to @LotteryD for trying to fill in part of the table (turns out only leaders can see the upgrade costs) and to @Ewdii for filling in the cost to upgrade from level 3.

I filled in level 4 by running a covert operation on the previous server. I joined a level 4 leaderless guild with one inactive member, took over the guild as its only active member, obtained the secret information, promoted the inactive member to leader, and exited sight unseen. Well, almost sight unseen. I did do a basic check-in while I was there just for the fun of it. You know, to confuse the local authorities and what not. :crazy_face:

Last updated June 22, 2019. Will update again when our guild reaches level 11.


I’m in a lv 12 guild and it looks like it takes 36k to upgrade from there.

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Wow! Level 12! How many players can it hold?

And you say it looks like so I have to ask. Is the 36k in a progress bar or do you see it on an upgrade button?

At the regular player level, which I am, on the Info tab of the guild area it shows Point: nn/mm where mm appears to be the number needed for the leader to level the guild That leveling just happened in mine and it went from 42 capacity to now 44 capacity.

Sadly, it’s still not consistent or even usual to get max 30-login daily reward.

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Thanks for the info. Still not entirely sure if you are seeing the guild’s maximum points or the cost to upgrade. As a leader, I might be seeing an upgrade cost that you cannot. :thinking:

Not that I think this will make things clear since your description seems straightforward, but would you mind posting a screenshot of what you see?

P.S. I’ve seen guild leaders get confused about this, as they sometimes wait until maximum points are reached before upgrading instead of upgrading when they first could.

Update: Out of extreme curiosity, I switched servers (which I previously dared not do), temporarily joined a few guilds, and took a look for myself. Since you are not a leader, you are seeing the guild’s maximum points and not the upgrade cost. I really appreciate that you took the time to help fill in some of the table, but you do not have access to the upgrade button that shows the information. No need to take a screenshot. Thanks for trying though! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to hear that it is difficult to get the 30 check-in bonus. Your guild may have been one I temporarily entered when I switched to Twin Peak. We’re not experiencing that yet, but it is taking longer to fill vacant slots in our #2 ranked guild on the Power Tablet server. And if/when a new server is someday launched, we will be sharing your fate (as new players join the newest server).

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Level 3 to 4 is 1.8km

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Excellent! The table has been updated. Thanks!

And now I’m really rooting for your Kotengu guild to level up so you can help me fill in the last blank.

That’s the Kotengu guild with slots available now, for those looking for a guild to join!!

Kotengu! :slightly_smiling_face:

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