Guild tab not working

Hi! My guild tab isn’t working, here is what it says when I tap it. I am in the new server 4, I did not leave my guild and my leader did not remove me from guild.

Server 4 ID: ek5peq
Server 3 ID: r47ndq

Are you in a new guild on the new server? If your existing guild is on a different server, it’s not on the new one.


I was in one of the first four in this new server, and now they’ve taken away the guild from me on server 3.

And now I’m in an Arena with a bunch of super mega powerful people. I think the game thinks I’m a cheater. I wouldn’t know how to cheat.

I’m hoping they’re going to fix it and compensate me for literally losing everything I’ve worked my butt off on the game to get. I owned a guild for months, it was top five on the server. I spent lots of crystals on this new guild buying lottery tickets so I could buy things in the store.

So frustrating!

Hi Beth, we are looking into your account as we speak. I’ll send a message once it’s done. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience!