Guild shop is pretty pointless

Let’s say I wanted to buy Gems to upgrade an item.

I need 1400 Blessing Gems and 600 Power Gems.

10 Guild Coins = 1 Blessing Gem.
9 Guild Coins = 1 Power Gem.

This will take me 485 days and 48500 Crystals

Seriously, what’s the point of even having a shop?


Agreed truly, the stuff there is garbage. What would I ever spend currency of any sort on ONE stamina for example. Literally what??? Maybe put some really good new 5 star heroes or rare equipment? Don’t make this unique store just have the same trash but worse.

Sorry if this sounds like a very hard criticism but the guild Shop is honestly bonkers.

Love the game, easy improvement to make!


How do you access the guild shop? I cant see anythg there as it says “coming soon”.

Just got the update and can see it now.

Hi, you’ll find the prize to be more reasonable when more activities are introduced (i.e more guild coins) :slight_smile: You can also access better items in a high level guild.


The same item is tagged for different price.
Is it intentional?


But it takes years and tens of thousands of crystals to even upgrade one item right now.

You got to give away hundreds of guild coins daily for them to be worth the effort.

I get more gems from ONE battle than I do from 2 days and 200 crystals in the shop.