Guild rewards should be automatic

Now im not talking about the personal check in reward. i am talking about the group rewards. Once you have checked in for the day, you should just get that day’s group rewards in the mail automatically.

I am not sure why this is not already the case. Tournament daily rewards are sent automatically each day, so the code already exists to send automated reward letters.

Needing to manually check at 6:45 every day to make sure you got all the rewards for that day, or being forced to miss out is unfair to anyone who cant log in at that exact time. If a person has done their daily checkin, that really should be all that matters. People shouldnt be penalized over what time of day they can or cant log in.


Agree. It’s really challenging to collect all rewards manually especially when the team members are from different countries. Sometimes my day is over, but other members of the guild have several hours to do their check in, but for me it’s the next day. What happens with their check-in for me?

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We’ll discuss this. Thank you for your feedback.

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Wanted to add my feedback that I rarely get more than two guild bonuses even though my guild has been routinely hitting the third bonus and sometimes the fourth bonus.
My schedule simply works out that I tend to log in early in the cycle (around 5th-10th checkin out of 30 guild members). I am at work (where there is no cell signal and games are blocked on wifi) when the cycle ends, so I rarely get to check back for those later bonuses.


Maybe try turning off WiFi when you are on break?

I tried that, but there is no cell signal so I still cannot check in.

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I agree, I often check in early but miss the collect cutoff because of real life schedule and not get the 20, 25+ check-in bonus.

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