Guild leader mia

The banangers guild leader has been offline for 39 days. Despite check ins from the active players, the guild does not seem to be progressing. Is there a way to auto-upgrade or change leadership?

Unfortunately we haven’t got an auto-upgrade or leadership changing feature in place for now, however, we are planning a ‘replace leader’ feature which you can nominate yourself as new leader when a guild leader becomes inactive for certain number of days. This is currently is planning phase and hopefully will be ready soon.

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As a Guild leader I would not want my leadership taken away ever. If people don’t like it go make your own Guild. It cost me 3k gems and 50k energy! At most you should only auto upgrade other members to co-leader, so they can run the Guild for you. Maybe replace co-leader instead of replace leader.

If it’d been easy to recruit new members, some people would leave current guild & create a better one. Unfortunately the way guild currently run, doesn’t allow any communication.

There was a suggestion from the developers to use discord/WhatsApp. How many people will install & open the other app? Our guild created a discord group, even posted the link to it. How many people from the guild have joined? Just a few.

The problem is that if leader & co-leaders lose their interest than the guild won’t progress fast enough to attract new members & make checking in worth again.

The guild is an interesting concept, but unfortunately there’s not much content & communication.

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The guild is a way to receive some more randsom. Nothing more. Till now.

Right now it seems pretty easy to recruit, at least on fit tower server. I just started my guild yesterday and already have 15 members. All the guilds that have level 15 minimum are full. The only guilds with space are ones with level 50 or higher requirement.

My guild has the same issue as the above. I was named leadership in some way but don’t have the power to kick people out. The leader has been missing for 45 plus days at this point.

Go join anther guild, it is hard to get members now on fit tower ever since the new twin peaks server came online.

Thank you for the feedback guys, we’ll implement a simple guild function to deal with situation like this after the holiday break. We might work on some more guild management functionalities before the 7+star heroes and equipment since the design is still being finalized. Let’s wait and see.