Guild craziness

I can understand that people would like everyone check in every day, but being kick out of a guild just because I hadn’t checked in yet. It’s well before the midnight in my country.

And look it’s only Second day of the guild, but we already getting rid of the players.

Now I can’t check in in another guild for 24 hours. So I can understand the limitation to prevent player to collect check ins from several guilts, but if every admin decide to get rid of a player who contributed less, it’s the worst creation in this game.

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Harsh :flushed:…set up or join a less aggressive team ? This is supposed to be fun whilst keeping more active

The thing is that probably I can’t use my check in for 24 hours even after being kicked out a guild without today’s check in, so the other admin will kick me out straight away. I was regularly checking in the last three hours when the system allows me to do my check in. And I was kicked out before I had my chance.

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As I said, harsh :grimacing:, it’s a game :roll_eyes:

Yes,it’s a game.

But if the developers have a feature protecting from abusing the guilts, they need also some protection for a player who joined with 24 hours limitation. To tell the truth, I didn’t expect amins kicking out people during the first week of the guild. Now I know that the guilds are :joy:


@Rain the rule is set to prevent check-in leave/join abuses so it cannot be altered. The only thing I would suggest is to join a less aggressive guild as @Doreen suggested or start one by your own. You can invite some real life friends to join too.

It’s difficult to say which guild is less aggressive, but it would help if a player had some kind of indication if the 24 hours wait is over before trying to join a new guild.

I saw ‘new’ on the guild icon on my home screen this morning & I thought that it meant that my 24 hours wait is over. However, after joining a guild, I realised that I still can’t use check in, so I left immediately without checking out how patient the admin of the guild was.

I used check-in only once, on the day the update is out, I have no idea when exactly I was kicked out by the admin (your notifications don’t provide this info) & I no idea when I might be able to use check in again. I’m just trying understand the game :thinking:

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It would help if there was some sort of communication in a guild so these things can be hashed out.

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