Guild contribution points


Can you explain more clear about the guild please? How many steps do we need for 10 guild points? How many point difference in super check in and check in?


Steps doesn’t count toward guild points. You can see exactly what you get when doing the check in.


Could explain me why new players in the Guild have more contribution than me? I’m checking every days on max and checking the guild several time per day.


Because you bought something from the guild shop


Ok, that means if you want to stay at top of the list, you must check, but never buy something from the shop. A bit creazy not?


I also think this is a bad design by the developers. Because if you are a top contributor and then buy something, you will end up in the bottom of the list…


But the contribution is based on the green gems but in order to upgrade its based on the purple gems


We’ll think of a way which is not too confusing nor overwhelming


Yes it can be strange to see top players in your guild drop from page one to page 4. Page 4 players I am more likely to kick for inactivity. Maybe only lifetime contribution points should be displayed in member list. Current contribution balance should not be displayed in member list, should be only displayed to the account owner.