Great Study aid!

I’ve just started testing the app today and my first thoughts are that it would be a brilliant study aid with my assignments piling up I think it will really help me focus, Plus it removes the temptation of scrolling through Facebook or Twitter as you lose you ‘focus’ and I need all the raindrops!

Really enjoying it so far. I would say an alarm would be useful when your focus session is over.

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Glad you find the app useful and this is exactly the game is created for!

If you have anything that you’d like to see in the game, please let us know!

Just so I understand the intent, if I need to mow the yard but am lacking the focus and/or motivation to do so, I can set the slider for an hour and focus on mowing. My reward will be the raindrops that I can use to grow the plants. :thinking:

As I look at my yard, I can see the usefulness. I think my neighbors might really appreciate it if I used your app regularly. :grimacing::crazy_face:

I installed it on my iPad. There isn’t a lot to test yet but I do see one thing that could be improved.

One plant is located behind the bottom menu so I can’t see it very well and can’t interact with it easily.

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Thanks @Rhandar for testing the app out. Yes that’s the intention. It’s probably more useful for sit down tasks than mowing as you normally can’t play your phone while mowing at the same time :slight_smile:

I can see some serious screen adaptation issues on the pad. We’ll nail them down before the official release.

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I can play my phone instead of mowing though. I can also play my phone instead of vacuuming and I can play my phone instead of cleaning our bathrooms and kitchen. Unfortunately, there are many things that I can play my phone instead of doing. :grimacing:

One thing I can’t do is play my phone while playing the PlayStation though. Not sure I need any more focus doing that! :crazy_face:

Perhaps the app will help me cross some things off my lengthy to do list, even if they aren’t sit down tasks. There’s some hope! :slightly_smiling_face:

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