Grammar Issue and Suggestions

In the group log it should be “[username] planted a tree” instead of “[username] plant tree”. There also really should be a group messaging option and messaging option in general. Friends add nothing to the game right now, and I’m getting really frustrated in my group because some people have been inactive for over 2 weeks and are still in the group. I’d like to ask the group leader to remove them, because there’s actually quite a few inactive people. I feel like progress is so much slower than it would be with active members. I don’t want to leave and join a new group.
I also think maybe inactive group members should be removed after a certain point. 2 weeks of inactivity is kind of ridiculous

Hi, thank you for the feedback. We’ll check the grammar issue.

Unfortunately, we don’t have immediate plans to add an in-game chat but we’ll keep looking into it. It’s advised to contact your group leader if possible, or otherwise join a different group.