Got new phone, reinstalled, but now have new game I'd


My old phone died so I have a new one. I reinstalled pocket plants, and reconnected via Google games, but I didn’t have my progress restored. I noticed that is also been assigned a new ID. is they any way to keep my old progress?

Thank you

Hi Magorc,

Have you still got your old phone?

If yes, could you try the following and see if it helps? (If you don’t have the old phone with you, please send me your new ID.)

  1. On the new phone: delete the game and its data
  2. On the old phone: Make sure your Google Play account is connected in both Play Games and Play Store apps
  3. On the old phone: Go to Pocket Plants settings > manually save progress (You might see a pop-up window asking you to choose between local or cloud saved data, please go with LOCAL.)
  4. On the new phone: Make sure your Google Play account is connected in both Play Games and Play Store apps
  5. Reinstall the game on the new phone
  6. Go through the new player tutorial and during the process it should bring up the pop-up window mentioned in step 3, please go with CLOUD this time.

This should help you get back the progress. Please let me know if you have any issues.

Hi Mark,

same here, I had the game on a tablet which broke down. I installed it on a cellphone and it was “recognised” by Play Games (I actually launched it from the Play Games screen) but I got a new account without letting me recover mine.

So… old account YP2$3ni!, new account MCDgdRE~ -.-’ user Clara.

Thank you

–EDIT— err no, I made a mess ._. i just recovered an old account (i have had 3 in these months, due to the 91% problem) which had been linked to my fb account, so now this is my “new” account to overwrite: vnrjG3Vsi

when I’ll have my account back, is it advisable to connect it to all three “save” methods, FB, Play and Kongregate, plus on local? the way savegame works is not very immediate to me, sorry :frowning:


No i don’t have my old phone, unfortunately. My old ID was Fna@~umui, and my new is F3EASGwq*.

Thank you for your help!!

Hi Magorc,

The transfer is done. Please let me know if you are still having any issues accessing the data.

There is one thing for transferred progress: as you have changed the ID, the account becomes a new account. This means your previous friends won’t be able to see you any more, unless you remove them from your current list, add them back and wait for them to accept the friend request.

You might also like to add new friends using the ‘recommend’ feature in the friends section.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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Hi Exe,

Can I please confirm if we are going to transfer from YP*2$3ni! (player level 63) to vnrjG3Vsi (player level 47)?

Also, do you remember if there was any data transferred to vnrjG3Vsi during the 91% loading issue? If yes, I’m afraid we need to uninstall and reinstall the game to get a new ID as each ID is only allowed one data transfer.

Thank you for your patience!

Here I am.

I reinstalled (yes, that ID had already been overwritten once).

so, please transfer from YP*2$3ni! (player level 63) to M3pPnqeT!

i saved on local, at the moment, is it ok?

thanks :slight_smile:

@Exe your data has been copied over. Please login. Happy walking!