Google Play Games achievements



I received Nini, the last plant in world 10 around 3 days ago.
Since then, there is no update on the Google Play Games Achievements.

For Pocket Plants I still have 3 locked achievements:
Balance of Trade 3 - Finish 1280 regular orders (this one is “recommended” in the Google Play Games App)

Growing season 3 - Grow 12800 plants

The Final Frontier 3 - Unlock 10 worlds

Shouldn’t I already have the Final Frontier 3 achievement or is there something else necessary to unlock this achievement?

I hope someone can help me.
I already deleted the apps permission to connect to my Google account in the Google settings and reconnected it, but there is still no change/update.

What can I do?


Can anyone help me here? I really like to complete the achievements, but it seems that they stuck.
What can I do?