Google Fit sync with Pocket Plants

Pocket Plants on Android doesn’t have the option to sync with Google Fit. And seeing as my watch doesn’t support/isn’t a Fitbit I’m unable to sync my steps. I run Cross Country so I can’t have my phone in my pocket while I’m running, so I need to use my watch. Fitness Fantasy has Google Fit sync, so doing the same thing with Pocket Plants shouldn’t be too difficult.

This. I decided to check out this game too and it doesn’t seem to have any subscription bonuses unlike the other game so I will keep it too, I like games where you can collect stuff and the fact that I can speed up the boring “grind” (the long wait) and even get premium currency by simply walking is amazing, and I have no problems running it in background as I can just lock the app and so it won’t be removed from background by the phone, meaning no progress lost, meaning I’ll get all the points, but the battery drain will increase and there’s no reason to just not allow google fit to do it, I hope this will be added soon :slight_smile:

By the looks of it, this game has been forgotten and so don’t expect Google Fit integration. I uninstalled the game because of the lack of support for Google Fit.

Google Fit, or Google Maps location, integration is a must in any software using location data. These apps (Fit/Maps) are already tracking the location of phones by default, requiring your app (in this case, this game) to run in the background to track is a call to consume precious battery.

Remember, batteries today are built-in, we can not just replace it with a new one if the battery has worn out. Faster drain because of unnecessary apps running in the background and then recharging a lot wear and tears the battery way faster.

In other words, apps like this game is highly not advisable. Between your battery life and game enjoyment, any sane person will pick their battery life as there are other games out there with Google Fit integration.

From the marketing perspective, if I’m working for Shikudo or a product manager of Pocket Plants, this is totally not acceptable and I will demand Google Fit support. Unless our goal is to develop games and leave them dead later, then that explains why after a year this feature is still not available.

Apologies, it’s almost 2020, we’re at Android 10 now, this game has potential.