Google Achievements

Hello. I have difficulties to unlock achievements Balance of Trade 3 (finish 1280 regular orders) and Growing Season 3 (grow 12800 plants).

How to obtain them in Google Play?

I don’t see any counters in the game showing the progress

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately we don’t have a counter to display your progress. If you believe you’ve finished it and the achievement is not unlocked, please forward me your game id so we can check it out.

My ID is MP6Mu6!ta

Hello. Did you check? Any result?

You’ve grown 9700 plants and finished 999 orders

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Thanks. Would continue farming

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Hello. Please, check this one again. It seems that I should have already reached 999 orders, but I still haven’t achieved it.
By my calculations i should have:
10686 plants
1333 orders

Thanks in advance.

Hello. I hope for the answer