Gold chest suggestion

Hey @marspark

I have a suggestion when you open a gold chest.

When you drill down on an inventory item from a character : you can easily see the matching set in green :

when you open a gold chest . It could be applicable for 12+ characters and a green line would be irrelevant.

So what about adding a simple “sum” next to the the green line when you drill down a gold chest item ?

If you own 3 x gem of time . Just add “x3 “next to the line.

Each time i open a gold chest, I usually memorize the 2-3 most important items that I need and i always get fool with duplicates .

An Optimum player would manage inventory in an excel sheet but I ain’t got time for that and most of us don’t :joy:

At least it would give us a reference:

Because all light purple is simply inconvenient & gambling :