❗ Gogle Play App Error "Your app is outdated"

I had a problem with Steps not syncing, and uninstalled both Google Fit and Fitness RPG as your posts suggested.

Now I re-installed the game from the Play Store and this error appears “Your app is outdated, please download the latest version”.

This error have no sense as it is the last version available on the Play Store, and the same I had before uninstall…

I had been +1 month playing the game already, I am one of the top players on your last server, with huge money invested on this game, so please, don’t slow my process because that will mean money lost if I can’t continue playing, and I will refund as much as I can, and do whatever it takes to get my money back…


I am now having the same error. Have since cancelled my monthly subscription until updates to this are made.


This has been fixed. Tq.