Glyph Scholar changes to a different glyph when leveling up

This already happened twice: I got a glyph called “Scholar”, that should have boosted the critical damage 5%… But after I placed it on a hero and tried to level it up, it suddenly turned into a different glyph, “SS Dignity” that boosts magical defense instead. What makes it even more strange: my hero already had a magical defense glyph and it should not be allowed to have two glyphs of the same type, but now it had…

I had this happen, except it was SS Dignity changed to SS Fierceness on level up. The first time I thought I’d just made a mistake, but it happened twice. It does make you able to have 2 glyphs with the same attributes equipped.

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I just upgraded the same glyph again… And it looks like it changes to a different glyph each level! (All upgrades of the same glyph on the screenshots):

I just did the same thing. :joy:

I now have 2 SS Fierceness attached to one hero

The 1.9M energy catch my eyes more than the glyph :rofl:

This also just happened to me.
Kind of annoying, since I spent quite a considerable amount of energy to get a glyph I wanted only to have it change when it reached level 7.

It was over 2M when I started. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, this is pretty annoying so I’m going to hold off on any more mining for now.

Holding off as well, but sadly I already pumped around 700k into it.

We are looking into this urgently.


Is there a chance of being able to have the rune reverted back to the old one? A wasted level 7 rune kind of leaves a bitter taste.
Thank you for looking into this, though! <3

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You can let me know the new rune so I can send over the old rune once the update is released. Your exp won’t be wasted because the exp will be carried over when merging. i.e. a level 7 rune will yield all the exp that it takes to reach level 7.

Oh, that would be awesome. The rune that it turned into was the SS Fierceness one, the old one that I wanted was the Magic Defense one, SS Dignity.

The account name is Fluffy on Twin Peaks.


On the topic, there are also some visual misinformation bugs.

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Same thing happened to me, @marspark

I’d like my Magic Defense glyph back please.

Strange. I wonder if it’s JUST the Magic Defense one that does it? Or starts off as such.

The only ones I noticed changed before I stopped mining were SS Dignity (magic defense) and Scholar (crit damage). I had 2 SS Dignity drop, which I wanted for my mages, & was very confused when after leveling they were both SS Fierceness instead. Then I tested Scholar for the heck of it since that was what the OP mentioned. I didn’t see any changes in lower rarity glyphs (I do have a levelled up common Dignity), or the other epic glyphs I have - Ambition (speed), SS Blazefury (physical attack), & SS Serenity (physical & magical defense). I did have 2 legendary drops but I didn’t care about either of them (for the mage & warlock classes I don’t have) so I didn’t level them up at all.

Hi guys, we’ve released version 2.0.2 on Google Play to fix this issue. iOS version is still under review so please give it 1~2 days.

Please update the app to fix this issue. Once you’ve done that, please leave your game id, and list the rune that replaces your old rune. I’ll send the old rune over as soon as possible.


Game ID: ry9mq6
The rune SS Fierceness replaced SS Dignity. I would like SS Dignity back.

Thanks for fixing the issue! No need to send a new glyph for me, as I already found another Scholar glyph from the mine after the update and now it leveled up normally, without turning into something else. I merged the glitched glyphs with the other glyph as a material, so nothing went to waste.

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Everything looks like it’s working now, thanks for the fix! I’ve had a bunch of the SS Dignity & Scholar glyphs drop (I’ve gone through 1M energy seeking Enlightenment for my mages😂), so I don’t need replacements.

Also I really like the pure exp glyphs that drop. Those are handy.

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