Glyph Naming Scheme

Hey Everyone,

Currently, there are 5 rarities of glyphs in the game. I have recently dropped a legendary glyph and its name is Skill Attack Glyph VI.

So I noticed the following pattern:
Glyph I - Grey
Glyph II - Green
Glyph III - Blue
Glyph V - Purple
Glyph VI - Yellow

I wonder what Glyph IV is… :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,
DK (k6rmzk)

Glyph IV and Glyph V share the same color (Purple) so they look exactly the same but with different attributes. And you can equip them at the same time.

I see. I just noticed that one of my Glyphs says “Skill Defense VII”. How many are there?
I’m assuming it goes up to X for 10, but I have not seen any Divine Rarity Glyphs.

but I have not seen any Divine Rarity Glyphs

I just did. I’ll stop asking questions now. xD

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