Glyph mine - Legendary mine got an epic item

Thanks for the great update. I really like the glyph idea because it allow us to have various growth direction for each of the heroes! Variety is the key!

Back to my question. I am lucky enough to reach legendary mine twice so far, the rewards I got is:

1 legendary glyph
1 epic glyph

I am not sure is it the way you designed. I thought the randomness is accounted for during we find the Path already?

It feels kind of weird for me if I still have a chances to get epic out of legendary mine.

I’ve been there probably 20 times so far and have zero legendaries, so…

It’s by chance. Legendary glyphs are meant to be super rare and it takes time and luck to collect the right ones. However, you should have a better chance to collect glyph essences when exploring legendary mines and you can purchase legendary glyphs so it’s not all for nothing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarifications.

So with that said, do we have the chance to get a legendary glyph at epic mine?

:joy::joy::joy: thanks for your input. Then I guess I am a lucky one!

PS. 20 times legendary mine, you really bank a lot of energy for the glyph :upside_down_face:

I’ve had quite a few commons from the legendary mine by now.
In an interesting surprise, I did get an Epic from the Rare mine once. I’m not sure if the Epic was bugged, or if there is some sort of very super rare chance to get a higher glyph than the mine level.

I just realized the description of the legendary mine says it is rare/epic/legendary. No commons.
I have absolutely been getting commons, and quite a few of them, from the legendary mine.
@marspark ?
(And the Rare mine says it should not give epics, but I did get one epic from there, though that it the only time a mine gave me something higher than it was supposed to.)

I can confirm getting common glyphs from the epic mine. Repeatedly.

@Mari I’ve just confirmed with our game designer that these are copy errors, the legendary mine gives common ~ legendary, and rare mine has an extremely small chance to give out epic. We’ll fix the copy error in the next update. Sorry for the confusion.

This is by design and by copy :joy:

By my side, I had a lot of common glyph with Legendary mine. More than any other mine…
I succeed to unlock like twenty time the legendary mine, and I had like 15 times a common glyph. And without essence. Other time it’s Exp glyph and few few time legendary…
There is not a problem of game design here ?
Thank you for your answer.