Glyph Informational Guide


This is an information guide that I will keep updating, as I fill in more information.
It was created by @Meterian, who added a lot of great information.
All I did was add some more info along with the formatting/editing of the information.
It has also been added to @Blainemuffin’s Heroes Guide

Updated: 6/13/2019


These updates look amazing! I’ll have to check my glyphs later, I might have some info to add. Thank you so much for your hard work & excellent organizational skills!



I moved this guide to the FAQ section for you. (It was located all by itself in the general Fitness section.)


Appreciate it. I realized I messed up but hadn’t gotten a chance to fix it.


Here are 4 glyphs to help fill in the table. :slightly_smiling_face:


i’ve been focused on upgrading a SS enlightenment, SS Dignity, and ambition. are these a good starting place to be upgrading and are there any other “S tier” glyphs you’d recommend keeping an eye out for/upgrading?


SS Affection will give you HP.

You can purchase (with real money) up to two Prudence legendary glyphs (which give you both HP and speed). I don’t know if it was truly prudent to purchase them, but I did. :crazy_face:

For mages, look for the rare glyphs Mage Flame I and you will also want Mage Shock I If you choose Arcane Blast as your extra active skill.

For the glyph shop, I picked Priest Guard III first so my priest could heal those shielded. Really helps with Dark Rush. Best glyph I have, hands down. Next came Thunderstrike for a mage, the next one will probably be another Thunderstrike for another mage, and maybe even a third after that.

Not saying they’re the optimal choices, but I’ve been happy with them, at least so far. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just went on a glyff mine binge, 12kish energy but i had fairly good luck i thiink. i got priest guard I which i was excited about :blush: i’ll definitely keep that in mind about priest guard III and try to acquire it asap, ty for all the tips :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::clap:.



Come to think of it, my very first purchase from the glyph shop was either Mage Flame I or Priest Guard I.

In hindsight, that was a mistake. I have gotten many of them since then just from mining. :grimacing:

Best to save up and buy legendary glyphs and not waste the purchases on things you’ll easily find anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, once you make a legendary glyph purchase there’s also a chance you’ll also mine another one soon thereafter. After buying two prudence glyphs with real money, I actually mined another. Fortunately, the third one is also useful. Whew! :grimacing:

To reduce this risk, it would be a good idea to purchase legendary glyphs that you want more than one of. Then again, Priest Guard III is incredibly useful. It was worth the risk. :thinking: