Glyph Informational Guide

This is an information guide that I will keep updating, as I fill in more information.
It was created by @Meterian, who added a lot of great information.
All I did was add some more info along with the formatting/editing of the information.
It has also been added to @Blainemuffin’s Heroes Guide

Updated: 6/13/2019


These updates look amazing! I’ll have to check my glyphs later, I might have some info to add. Thank you so much for your hard work & excellent organizational skills!



I moved this guide to the FAQ section for you. (It was located all by itself in the general Fitness section.)

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Appreciate it. I realized I messed up but hadn’t gotten a chance to fix it.

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Here are 4 glyphs to help fill in the table. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’ve been focused on upgrading a SS enlightenment, SS Dignity, and ambition. are these a good starting place to be upgrading and are there any other “S tier” glyphs you’d recommend keeping an eye out for/upgrading?

SS Affection will give you HP.

You can purchase (with real money) up to two Prudence legendary glyphs (which give you both HP and speed). I don’t know if it was truly prudent to purchase them, but I did. :crazy_face:

For mages, look for the rare glyphs Mage Flame I and you will also want Mage Shock I If you choose Arcane Blast as your extra active skill.

For the glyph shop, I picked Priest Guard III first so my priest could heal those shielded. Really helps with Dark Rush. Best glyph I have, hands down. Next came Thunderstrike for a mage, the next one will probably be another Thunderstrike for another mage, and maybe even a third after that.

Not saying they’re the optimal choices, but I’ve been happy with them, at least so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just went on a glyff mine binge, 12kish energy but i had fairly good luck i thiink. i got priest guard I which i was excited about :blush: i’ll definitely keep that in mind about priest guard III and try to acquire it asap, ty for all the tips :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::clap:.

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Come to think of it, my very first purchase from the glyph shop was either Mage Flame I or Priest Guard I.

In hindsight, that was a mistake. I have gotten many of them since then just from mining. :grimacing:

Best to save up and buy legendary glyphs and not waste the purchases on things you’ll easily find anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, once you make a legendary glyph purchase there’s also a chance you’ll also mine another one soon thereafter. After buying two prudence glyphs with real money, I actually mined another. Fortunately, the third one is also useful. Whew! :grimacing:

To reduce this risk, it would be a good idea to purchase legendary glyphs that you want more than one of. Then again, Priest Guard III is incredibly useful. It was worth the risk. :thinking:

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Not much to add.
The priest rare cleanse skill should be named Purification I (but I have never seen it)
The legendary skill glyph xp to level at level 3 is 1500.
Rogue Passion IV has a +6% change at level 1.
Priest Purification III is a legendary cleanse glyph:
Target has chance to get [RAPID]: Res Chance +1% (at level 1)
Warlock Corrosion II is a 0.5%, not 2.0%, damage increase at level 1.


As a note for shops, I finally, after months and months, got a legendary stat glyph from mining! So it is possible.

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So I’m a bit slow, but how do I know which gliff to use🤯use on such as My Paladim which really doesn’t do justice. I know it’s got something to do w/the glyphs… I’ll do a screenshot… thoughts

Are you talking about the skill enhancing glyphs? If so since you have Magic ward and sacrifice skill selected, you’d want to use the cleanse and sacrifice glyphs if you have them? Or maybe I misunderstood :slightly_smiling_face:

No you’re right! I don’t understand what glyph goes to which hero. SMH🙃

It’s all based on what role your hero is playing but my paladin who i use as a damage absorb-er for skill attacks and sacrifice as the preferred skill would use:
Knight Sacrifice I: for the resistance effect
Knight Cleanse I: for the extra magic defense to Ward
However, If I used Renew as my skill…
Knight Gift II: for added Renew effect
Knight Gift I: for renew to activate sooner


Gotcha! each class tends to have 5 different types of glyphs related to skills: 1 for your primary skill, example with knight it’s magic ward enhancing “cleanse”, and then 4 for your 4 different secondary skill options depending on which 6 star class you choose. In the case of paladin you have “sacrifice” and “renew” secondary skill options and they have matching glyphs enhancing them. The other 2 glyph options for the knight are for the other 6 star path of the knight and affect “honor” and “judgement” since you don’t have those skills available you wouldn’t benefit from using those on this paladin. It is the same pattern for all base classes so you just have to look at the description to determine which skill it is enhancing and see if it matches the skills you have/are using.