Getting plant to stage III

I want to ask how much does take to get a plant to stage III.

I’ve been providing water for a while. Also, there are these hearts, ’ accumulated events’ with the :speech_balloon: and the plant keeps on saying I am thirsty…

  • How much water do you need to add after obtaining 3 hearts? Is it the same for all plants?

  • Can the plant die if you don’t water it often?

  • Do you have to finish all events for your plant to reach stage 3?

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No, they are not always the same. No, sometimes different plants and different raindrop get to stage 3. Sometimes, different bonding point gain the events of a bonding point is different and it depends on the hearts level. No, it will not totally die.

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But, I didn’t quite get the bonding point and the event relationship.
Does water need depend on events?
Are they necessary to accomplish or not?

You need to wait for the task if you saw this message like No lab events yet. Pleae come back later. If you saw this message, Something went up in the nursery from the Focus Plants app. Yes, it does depend on the events and they are neccessary to complete it.

  1. common plants (3 hearts) require 600 bonding points to complete, rare plants (4 hearts) require 900 bonding points and epic plants (5 hearts) require 1200 bonding points.
    Bonding points are earned by completing lab events. There are several types of events.
    1. rain events: pay a (sort of) random amount of rain for a (sort of) random amount of bonding points
    2. essence events: pay 1 or 2 essence of the specific type to earn a (sort of) random amount of bonding points
    3. question events: answer the question/survey correctly and earn 50 bonding points (incorrect = 0 points)
  2. The plant won’t die if you don’t water. You can even remove it from the nursery (on the penalty of losing the current heart’s bonding point progress. The completed hearts stay.) Placing a new plant in the nursery ‘costs’ 1 lab event.
  3. You just have to get all the required bonding points + you have to complete the evolution, which has a certain chance of succes. If it fails you lose half the amount of bonding points of the last heart. If you earned this lost amount of bonding points again, you can try again to evolve. (betting 1 or 2 essences increases the chance of succes + every failed evolution try increases the succes chance of the next one with 5%)

NB. lab events are the scarcest material/element in the game, currently. If you want to complete the game as quickly as possible, the amount of lab events will be your bottleneck. So use your lab events wisely and consider upgrading your nursery to 3 active pots as soon as possible (needs about 1800 sunshine in total to unlock nursery #2 and nursery #3, so start saving those sunshines already :wink:)

Fun fact, if you have no lab event saved up you can still replace the plant, costing you nothing. :slight_smile: