Getting plant chips

I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find where to get plant chips. I’m always checking the plant store but can only see pieces not chips. Where are they?!

Hi @loopykat82,

The chips are for sale randomly in the plant shop. If you haven’t seen them then my only suggestion is to come back more often and good luck!


I’ve only found them once and then only the lowest blue ones …and I play every day …they are definitely not a regular feature in the store !

I’ve just checked again this evening and there were some blue ones there in the top section of the plant store! Never seen them there before and I do check a lot. Would be amazing if they become slightly less rare :slight_smile:

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@Doreen @loopykat82
Thank you for the feedback. We will look into the stats and look for room for further tweaks and improvements in this section. :slight_smile:

Thanks …maybe look at the number of pieces you can obtain with amethysts also ? I always have a high number of them and only really “spend” on new plants …most pieces seem to need rubies