General questions about the game

Is there a limit on steps per day? At the moment my goal is to get 10k consistently but I’d want to double that in a month or two, it’s okay if it’s something I’ll never reach but if it was something like 20k and I walked 25k in a day that would be lame.

Is the limit on characters in team always 4 or will I eventually be able to use all 6? I’m asking because I don’t know whether I should focus only on 4 or think about what else I’d want in my team.

When you get gear that has 2 stars on it randomly by just replaying the battles, is it exactly same gear as if I got a single star one then evolved it (if it’s the same type of course)?

Same as the previous, but for heroes, are they in any way better other than the fact that I won’t have to evolve them again? I really don’t mind just keeping the lower ones and gradually maxing them but it would suck if it turned out that someone who just bought 6star or whatever one has advantage over me for no reason.

And the last one, this isn’t really a question but rather a suggestion: once I finish I quest, the system should already count points for the next one even if I didn’t receive the reward yet. This is a problem because I got to 3-3 in story then noticed that there’s quest for every battle won and I basically had to replay the story mode from the start just so I could get rewards… And it was really annoying to check quests and take the reward after every single battle.

You only get your bonus multiplier for the first 10k steps. You only get points at all for the first 30k steps.
This helps prevent cheating by methods/apps that allow you to set your own steps.

Gear that starts at higher stars is better than gear evolved to the same level, because the gear bonuses are better and the stats are better at the same levels.

For heroes, higher star heroes are much better than lower star heroes, but you can evolve heroes to the same levels.

And yes, it is annoying to have to check your quests in between battles, but you will eventually get the all anyway.

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So gears are really different unlike heroes…? Is that because set gears have fixed stars at the start? They seem to.

I’ll note that, because I’m planning to actually continue playing this game for a long time and I don’t want to just end up releveling my gears just because my set was x3 stars from the start and not x5 which seems to be the maximum, but that’s weird.

Thank you, everything else is clear now, except you didn’t answer about the hero maximum in a single team. I’m fine with it if it’s just 4 I guess, less steps to upgrade them all, though I’d love to have a bigger team.

@Hevaesi Maximum 4 heroes on your team for the story & arena, but you can place them in different ways.

Probably you’d like to focus on your main 4, but eventually you need all 12 to be successful in events. Basically you need 3 teams there to battle a wave after a wave. The more waves you can defeat, the better rewards you would collect

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Ah, missed the last one, since the slots are locked for me, cool, characters that I replaced won’t go to waste then, thanks ^^