Game stuck on checking for updates when opening

Just tried that again, on Fit Tower… clicked to connect with Facebook, selected server option, and it goes through the loading status bar and the option for server pops up again. I selected server again, and it’s still a low level character and Facebook still isn’t connected.

OMG really sorry I missed your post. I’ve checked your data and it seems you still haven’t recovered your Fit Tower data yet. Can you please re login to Hawtpeas? You should see a data conflict window when Game Center logs in. If not, can you please try to connect with Facebook and see if you can retrieve your server data back?

Please let me know if you can’t and please send me an email so I don’t lose track of anyone.


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Hi @Lilnikkel, did you retrieve your data successfully?

I got the majority of my stuff back. It dropped me in level 7 of nightmare mode when I had cleared part way through level 10, but I’ve already worked back through it

@marspark: OMG OMG OMG I tried it again, disconnected and reconnected Facebook, and holy crap MY ARTEMIS ACCOUNT is BACK!!

I did all that before, but it didn’t work, and this time it DID!!


Thank you! I’m so happy right now. :sob::pray::slightly_smiling_face:

I had lost my account at the same time that my mom went into hospice and passed away, and we also had Hurricane Florence going on. It was hard not having my Artemis account to play and I feel like I’ve been kind of holding my breath, trying not to get too bummed about losing Mom and also my main distraction, AND I had just gotten my boyfriend hooked on the game too, so… Yeah. It was challenging.

(First world problems, right? #thestruggleisreal)

Anyway, this was not intended to make anyone feel bad or guilty, I just wanted to share my relief and gratitude for giving me back my favorite, sorely-missed, familiar account. :slight_smile:️:+1:


Any idea why my newly recovered Artemis account doesn’t have pets?

Sorry to hear the news :frowning:

For old players you’ll need to collect enough fragments before the pet section opens on the main screen.

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@marspark Thank you for your kind words.

Yes, I finally got pets. :slightly_smiling_face: But somewhere in the last hour or so, Artemis disappeared again. :weary:

@artemis512 what happened, does it roll back? What’s your current game id?

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@marspark I think I figured it out. Somehow I have two accounts on one server: Artemis and Hawtpeas. This may have happened when I attempted to get the game on my iPad about a month ago. I’ve been using my iPhone the rest of the time. I stopped playing on the iPad after realizing something was wrong, within a day or so.

So now I stick to the iPhone and only play two servers, fit tower and fitland. When I switch to my Sayuri server and switch back, it alternates between Artemis and Hawtpeas. I think I’m losing the steps-to-energy progress on Artemis when I load Hawtpeas unknowingly, but I go to settings and connect Facebook again to get that pop up asking if I want local or server. Reliably, I now get Artemis back when I do this.

Will you help me get rid of Hawtpeas, or switch that one to twin peaks and get rid of my Olaf character? I only care about Artemis and Sayuri.

Thank you!

Hi, there’s currently a minor issue that game center won’t auto connect when you switch to a new server. However if you have already got your data on a certain server, it shouldn’t change to any other account if you just jumping between server without reinstallation.

Please let me know if that’s not the case?

@marspark I haven’t reinstalled in weeks, if this answers your question?

Also I just checked and when I switch to Fit Tower from my sayuri account on fitland, it goes to Hawtpeas (not connected to Facebook but is connected to game center). I tell it to connect to Facebook and then it goes to Artemis.