Game Recommendations

I have been compiling this list for a long time. These are all just my opinions and I would love to hear other peoples thoughts on my list or any other recommendations they may have for the game! For context, I am level 181, league A and have been playing this game for about a year now.

-Make it so you can see another set of 4 equips in chests for some gems or MOH or something (can only do 1x per chest maybe).

-Have an option available every day for both 6* and 5* chest so we don’t have to wait a whole day or more for 6* to become available.

-Make an exchange market where if you have a lot of something you don’t need, you can exchange it for something you do need. Example: I have a lot of Ancient Rune because I maxed out my Increase Daily Step Rewards but I would like to be able to exchange it for Legendary rune because I have not maxed out Advanced Powerups yet. Would be nice to have one where you can exchange extra pet pieces too if you have a pet that is at 7* and are just collecting pointless pet pieces for it.

-A select all button for glyphs

-Make exp glyphs available for the same price as it would cost to mine the equivalent 1,500 exp in uncommon mine: 25,000 energy (its a pain to have to click uncommon mine instead of doing auto mine but it is the most cost effective way to get exp because youre paying 500 energy for a 30exp glyph and the best you can get for 1000 energy from rare mine is a 40exp glyph so you’re better off doing the uncommon mine over and over to build up other glyphs). Or maybe make a setting for automine where you can mine up to a certain mine.

-Add glyph list to Book

-Make second active skill not automatic (need it at certain times to finish the Hell and Infernal modes).

-Add the ability to organize heros in the hero section. Would like to be able to have my four arena heros as first four that show up then my second team as the next four that show up instead of it just being organized by power. Maybe have an auto organize option and a custom organize option.

-Make pets cost more instead of having upgrade chances. I see a lot of people including myself get very frustrated with this.

-Make the red notification dot for evolving pets go away after it has been look at (like refreshing things in market).

-Make it clear what will get you into a higher league. I have been bumped up a league before for reasons that were unknown to me with no explanation of why. From the forum it seems that it is because I upgraded other heroes that werent on my arena team and one of them has a higher power than my warrior (which isn’t hard, warriors have a lot less power than mages and warlocks). The game seems to try to get you to upgrade your other heroes instead of just focusing on your arena team but this is a deterrent from doing that. Now I make sure my second team heroes wont overpower my warrior and send me into a new league. Would like to upgrade them to get all 3* in infernal mode or get my “best waves” higher but I can’t risk getting thrown into S league which I’m not prepared for. I understand why it is done this way, so people can’t upgrade other heros then switch them and dominate a league for a season but I think they should go by top three hero’s power plus highest power knight/warrior.

-Higher rewards for higher leagues. Right now there is zero incentive to move up from anything other than F unless you want the bronze, silver or gold outfit. You will get the same amount of gems and MOH whether you are in S, A, B, C, D, E or F but the league is harder and you are less likely to win. Its kinda set up where you don’t want to move up in the leagues. The info section does say that daily rewards are better but I am in league A and I never noticed the rewards being higher. Maybe they are but its not worth it to struggle in the new league. Would be nice to see what the daily rewards are by league in the rewards section.

-Change arena info. Arena info says seasons last 10 days when they are actually 7. Also says you are put into a league depending on power and I feel like that needs to be elaborated on.

-Would be nice to see what pets or equipment you get when doing Expedition without having to search to see.

-The auto-arrange should arrange heroes so they are the closest to the goals as possible and not just put the highest heroes in. If I use auto arrange, I can usually only do two of the Expeditions vs when I arrange myself, I can do all 3-4 (if 4 are available to do, some of the time only 3 are available)

-Get rid of the shuffle thing in chests. In my opinion, the games is already extremely based on luck in many aspects and it would be nice to get rid of one of those things for the people like me who cant keep track of four tiles when they are shuffled. Not only that but I would rather be able to collect without waiting for each chest to be done shuffling. I do like having the option to take a freebie and pay gems for other stuff

-I saw a post on the forum recently about somebody recommending an auto-collect option and I like that idea but I also like having the option to go for other stuff for 50/100/200 gems so I’m not sure how that would work with auto-collect. Maybe auto-collect would show a page with all of the options and you could pick which ones you want for free (depending on how many chests you opened) then the rest you can get with gems

-Would be nice to see the end of the Powerups to see how much further you have to go until you are maxed out

-It should be made clear in the beginning that you want to have a master because by the time I realized it, I was already above the level to join and lost out on all of the rewards. Might be a good way to get people to visit the forum also if you say you can find master codes there.

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Thank you for spending your time compiling this list! I’ve passed it to our game designer and we’ll discuss every single recommendation in the next weekly meeting.