Game loaded older file from server


I was trying to connect to Google/Facebook to save my current local file onto the server and when it asked which file to use. I accidentally clicked out of the app. When I reopened the app, it loaded an older file from the server. Is there any way to regain my current file from local? I tried to disconnect and reconnect but it still loaded the older game file. I had unlocked more plants in the ice world and residents to find the super plants with rubies. I had also unlocked the maid techasaur skin.

Its currently showing my game id as: Y3p-JPuSxp but i believe the local save file had a different ID.

Thank you,

Hi HikariKaze,

I looked up in the database, and the above ID shows an original game install date of 16th Feb 2017. And it’s also showing you are at level 52, and have locked 6 worlds and 110 plants. If this is the correct progress, I’ve refreshed the account on our side. Please let me know if you are still missing any game data.

Thank you!

Hi, this was my old data :confused: I believe that the new data may have been saved under a different ID, but i dont have that info. I just know that my username was set to Hikari and when the server uploaded my old data with the ID above, my progress was resetted. I was level 54-55 and had 106 or 108 plants unlocked.

Thank you!