Game is no longer on play store and I cant buy things in item shop

Tried buying some gems and wasn’t able too. Checked all things and its down

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I can confirm, same situation for me too

I can confirm, play store doesn’t even register that it is installed. @marspark need a response to this.

@Chayton @Meterian @Trisen thank you for reporting this. The game is removed due to an Ads violation from our Ad provider. We are urgently fixing this issue but it’s gonna take a little longer because I’m travelling. Thank you for your patience!

Thanks for replying. Is there going to be any compensation? I was spending decent gems to try to win the Arena and I’m now pretty much crippled and out of the currency I already spent…

So… I just got a New phone deleted fitness rpg from the old and then… Could not find the game in Google play… Hmmm

Yeah, until the game is back on google play it will not be able to be downloaded and also appears anything with adds does not work.

Hmm and I payed for the booster thing… Quite expensive :unamused:

@marspark so the adds are back for me, but I still can’t buy anything, and now my superpass no longer works

Can you guys issue refunds?

@Emmi88 @Trisen @Meterian @Chayton Hi guys, glad to let you know that the app is live again in the store. We are expecting that ads and purchases are working the way they were before. Please let me know if there are any issues. Thank you for your patience!

@Meterian, is the superpass working?

@Chayton, you can apply for a refund through Google Play. If it doesn’t work you can forward us the purchase receipt and we’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:

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@marspark yes the superpass is now working

Can’t log in to old again…

Is the superpass been for ‘hild’ while the game was lost or did I also lose superpass days rewards…???