Game Freeze - Selling Gear confirmation screen is not brought to front

Hi Everyone,

I noticed a bug when I’m trying to sell gear in the Stash (Inventory Bag).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a gear piece
  2. Go to Stash
  3. Tap on the gear you want to sell (background will dim)
  4. Tap on “Sell”
  5. Tap on “X” to close the sell screen (selling gear confirmation now appears)
  6. Tap on “Confirm” —> Game screen is frozen

At Step 4, the background screen will dim a second time on top of the already dimmed screen and the confirmation screen “Are you sure you want to sell the gear” will not appear in front but in the back of the sell screen for the gear.
At Step 5, closing the gear sell screen by tapping the “X” will make the selling gear confirmation now appear.
Step 6: If I tap on “Confirm” to sell the gear piece, the game will freeze and I have to restart the app.

Here is a link from my Google Drive with a video file, demonstrating the game freeze.

I hope this helps,
DK (k6rmzk)

It is happening on another side also. The gear category in the stash also. The game screen totally freeze when I sell the gears in the gear category.

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll fix it in the next update.

It’s fixed. :slight_smile:

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