Game does not sync with FitBit

So it seems like the game is connected to FitBit but it doesn’t track my steps at all. I’ve looked on oficial FitBit site and there is no connection to Pocket Plants. Please help. Country Belarus, id: YCNP8fgB@

Hi unicorn,

Sorry to know you are having issue with the game.

We are investigating the problem urgently on our side. Was the game tracking steps properly before the game update? When did you notice the issue?

While we investigate, could you uninstall and reinstall the game and see if that resolves the issue? Please make sure you save the game with Kongregate or Google Play account. You might need to go through the new player tutorial before you can connect to the Kongregate or Google Play account. When you do get connected, you will be asked to choose between a local or cloud saved data. Please go with CLOUD.

Please let me know how you go with this.

Thank you!

Dear Mars,

So as you asked I reinstalled the game, my data was saved(thank god) but unfortunately that didn’t solve the problem. Even after deleting FitBit and loging out of it didn’t affect the settings. It was said in the game it was connected to FitBit.
I can surely say it didn’t work from the beginning. I’ve started playing Pocket Plants not so long ago so I can’t tell if update made any difference.

Thank you for your reply and help anyway :smile: