Game desynchronized after shifting to wintertime

After the shift to wintertime on the last Sunday in October the game seems to have been desynchronized: it goes on for a whole day, assigning the results of the present day to the previous day.
The fact that the game credits the steps of the present day to the previous day means that I always lose the bonus i gained with Powerups.

Today 1 nov. I did about 400 steps but no step is marked

Yesterday 31 oct. i did over 13k steps but the game reports the 400 steps I did TODAY

On 30 nov. the game reports the 13k steps I did on 31 nov.

Hi @Eretica, thank you for reporting the issue. Just want to confirm if you can still claim today’s reward on yesterday’s tower?


Hi Markspark, I could not reclaim the rewards because the steps were not recorded. I’ve lost about 3/4 days steps, and the 1 nov. signs 0 steps, but today the system seems to have realigned, so I’m happy. If I find other problems I’ll let you know. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m getting this now, too. I think it started yesterday, but I’m not sure.

All of today’s steps are assigned to yesterday, and it seems like the count is lower than normal, though I could be imagining that.

Glad it fixes it self. Do you remember what you have done to fix this issue from your end as some other players are experiencing the issues too.

Please let me know your game id so I can forward you some compensations.

Hi, we are sorry that you are experiencing this issue which we are fixing it urgently. Are you using iOS or Android?

Android. It seems to have fixed itself now

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Awesome, what did you do to fix it? Did you reinstall?

I didn’t do much. The only thing I did try was tapping “Google Fit” under Player>Connect. If it made any difference, it didn’t show until the next day.

But now it doesn’t seem to be showing any new steps for today or tomorrow. I’m going to wait a while to make sure.

Hi Markspark, I have done anytihing, the game has fixed itself after 3/4 days, and now it shows all the previous daily steps correctly. I also could claim the 5.000 and 10.000 box reward, I’ve lost only some energy due to the lack of bonus conversion rate, so don’t worry, I don’t need any compensation, but thank you for offering it to me :slight_smile:

p.s. I’m using Android 8.1, Google Fit & Mi Fit band (Xiaomi)

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I’m fairly certain the game has stopped syncing entirely now, for me.

@FragmentalStew apologizes to the late reply. Has the problem fixed? Can I please grab your game id so I can double check your settings?