Friend Orders and Super Plants

So two questions…

First, what are super plants and how does one acquire them? I’m almost on the 6th world and have yet to see/hear anything about them.

Also, I’ve added many friends and many have added me in return. I see people completing my orders but why do I never see any orders to complete for others except for Olaf?


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hihi…fae has unlocked one super plant so far…are you completing the quests…? I think that’s how fae got hers…and continues to find fractions toward getting more…

and fae sees Olaf in her friend’s orders a lot too…and I believe simplyme has single handedly fulfilled more of fae’s orders than anyone else…

good luck and faery hugs n wishes ☆♡☆
fae nadine

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Hi Jesse,

Are you using the latest version of Pocket Plants? The super plants is a new contents added in v2.1.2. If you are on the latest update, you will need to go to the ‘Quest’ section and send your residents off to explore. The residents will come back with lucky packs which may contain super plant pieces. Collect all required super plants pieces to activate and plant them in nursery super plants section.

Also, did you add friends from our FB page and forum? Friends added from these two sources are very competitive when it comes to completing friends orders. If you did add friends from these public sources, it’s best to add more to increase the chance to catch available friends orders. Please let me know if your Pocket Plants friends are from the personal circle and still having trouble to see their orders.

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Thank you @marspark!

I’m not sure what happened but yesterday when I opened the app, it showed the quest icon! It wasn’t there for me previously. It must’ve updated overnight.

Love the super plants feature! Adds a really fun dynamic.

Also, you’re right. I think it was just the competitive orders. After adding about 20-30 friends I didn’t see any orders for the first few days but now I see them pop up occasionally. My bad! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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