Freezes when I try to collect reward

this has happened several times and I loose out on reward please help!

@La_Ticia_Wilks can you please try to ‘clear cache’ in the settings page? We’ve contacted our ad supplier but it takes some time for them to come back to us. The quickest solution is probably to reinstall the game but please remember to connect to a Facebook account so you can get your progress back!


It stopped freezing then started again today lost out on a big reward

@La_Ticia_Wilks sorry to hear the issue comes back. We are working on an Android update and integrate the latest Ad library. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s released so you can have a try.

Mine does this occasionally too.

It has also frozen & crashed a few times while using tap & hold fruits, and I end up losing several seconds of the fruit bonus.

I haven’t noticed any kind of “pattern” or reason.
But usually, if I completely close the app then open it again, it works fine.